Wednesday, March 26, 2008

AVO XO Maestro

Though I’ve had plenty of these this is the first review i’m doing for them. This one in particular my boss gave me after returning from a cruise somewhere around Spain. I thought, "Great, free cigar!". But in reality, you don’t need to go to Spain or anywhere near it to get one of these for 5 bucks. Come to think of it, I don’t even know what he paid. Hell, all I have to do is go to BevMo(Beverages and More). Anyway, on to the review.
This one had been sitting in my humidor for a few months so I was expecting a lot from it. The construction was good though I noticed a very light vein running almost from foot to cap. No big deal. The cut was very clean but noticed the unlit draw was a little too loose for my liking. Like so loose that I thought I might have a headache after smoking this one. Moving on to the toast and light... The aroma was nothing special to me. Think of warm nutmeg and very weak smell of expresso and burning leather. Uh... easier said than done I guess. The first few puffs were suprisingly mellow where I was expecting a burst of flavor like most cigars are at that point. Again, nothing special at this point. After about 2 inches in the flavors meld and I got a very smooth mild smoke- and a whole lot of it. Mild is not my thing though it was a pleasant flavor. I prefer medium to full just for the record. This mellowness lasted all the way to the last third of the cigar when I finally put the thing down. At this point it just tasted like a run of the mill, yet very smooth, everyday stogie. So now I’m thinking, "What the hell?!?!". Why does such a well known cigar cause me to give off my trademark "BAH!"?. I’m thinking it was just the humidor time, either not enough or too much of it.

This guy barely earns a 7 out of 10 and the first "BAH!" I’ve ever given to a premium cigar. Sad really...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Box only... But hey, it smells nice.

From time to time I like to buy a nice cigar box. Not only are they great for keeping cigars in, they also can hold all sorts of other random crap and they smell nice. Usually you can get one of any size from a local cigar/tobbacco shop for 5 bucks or less. Sadly they're empty except for some pieces of cedar, but hey, if you have a humidor you get some free cedar. WooHoo for free cedar!
Expect a review of the cigars that would normally come in this box soon. As you may be able to see, that would be the Onyx Reserve in the classic robusto dimensions. They're a lasting favorite of mine, not to mention I have a thing for box pressed cigars.