Thursday, October 23, 2008

Developments at the Ho Wagon

Ho Wagon? What happened to the other name that you used to use? Well as of today, out of respect and Ho's tried and true status, the former name will no longer be used and this place of mobile delights will now be referred to as the Ho Wagon. Also, according to Ho himself, out of 80 something truck inspections in Fremont for this year, he as the only one who passed. Proudly displayed for all his customers to see is city of Fremont's health department approval certificate.

OK, you know I've been trying and finally I managed to get my hands on the coveted chorizo burrito. Judged against the benchmark, Salsa Picante, Ho's handiwork so far is superior. See the earlier review below regarding the benchmark rating. Remember that's "so far". I can't give the full rating until I hit my consistency requirements but my hopes are high.

On another note, I've also had Ho's beef noodle soup twice. That means if I have it once more I can get a rating out. I still haven't decided what I want today or if I'm even going to have Ho Wagon today so just keep checking back. Expect it very soon though. Shout out to all the other foodies out there!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Roach Coach: Take Two

Alright, it's a week later and I bet you're wondering, "What happened to the chorizo burrito?". Well it turns out that Ho was out of stock of chorizo that day and I ended up getting Pho`. Well I should rather call it beef noodle soup. I don't consider it pho` if theres no choice for tripe and tendon. But anyway, the beef noodle soup was actually pretty good. But I'll get to more of that later. Today is all about the second attempt at a chorizo burrito. Update later.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Developments at the Roach Coach

Well people, it was inevitable. My ever growing laziness has gotten a firm foothold on me and I find myself taking more and more trips to the lunch time roach coach at my work parking lot. After trying a few different item, including cutom items, I find the food in the "not-bad" to "hmm.. suprisingly good" range. I can't rate anything yet because I haven't fulfilled the consistency requirement to anything but heres a taste:

For a rolling food court the dynamic duo that is Ho and Mei have literally a ton of different foods. Ho in particular is very cool and I have befriended him because of it. Mei, his wife, is always in the truck cooking up whatever people order and I haven't gotten a chance to talk to her at all. Ho has a fricken good memory and his policy is if he forgets your name you get a free meal. And he does that for every location he serves. On top of that he remembers your favorite sauce and how many containers you want of them.
At this point I've ordered multiple sandwich/burger items, chiken, even fish. Next up is the standard of all standards, the chorizo burrito. I wanted to get one this past friday but he was low on stock. We'll find out in a couple hours if he has replenished supplies. Though I'm sure I'll have no problem with the burrito seeing his good record so far. It's like the battle he never knew he was training for is about to begin. And what does that mean for you guys? Hopefully a brand spankin' new review this week!!! I'll try to update this with a picture come lunch time. Stay tuned!!!

Mike, I'd appreciate your ring in for the linguica sandwich you got a while back.