Monday, January 17, 2011


Just noticed that Obama's OASDI(social security) reduction took effect on my last pay stub. It's netting me about $160 bucks more a month which is sweet... but if the premise was to let us have now what we might be losing if social security goes bankrupt... I dunno, it's an uneasy feeling thinking that I now have to save for retirement with my own devices. Sure, there's the 401k but a couple years ago the market took a major hit ppl i knew lost as much as 50%, because it relies on market conditions. It could happen again. Money market funds all around? I'm thinking buying a fat bar of gold is getting more attractive nowadays myself... Or maybe we should start farming a human work force that we'll be able to ride on in 18-20 years. Yall start havin' babies and lots of em! 529 plans may still be viable for the kiddies because that'll get cashed out in about 18 years. Us young and aging adults tho.... Do you know what disaster might happen if you leave people to manage their own money?!?! Holy crap!

Whatever the case, i'm shit nervous and you guys probably should be too...