Monday, August 22, 2011

Bathroom Cabinet Project

This project came about from mostly necessity. My condo bathroom is small and the only storage was under the sink. Unfortunately I've filled that area with all sorts of random things and I had nowhere to hide all the extra soap and TP and such. So I decided to hang a cabinet in the big empty space above the toilet.

As you can see, there's a ginormous empty wall space there. It made the whole bathroom look weird because it looked like something was missing.

So I went and checked out what scrap wood I had laying around and miraculously, I had enough wood to make myself a 2ft wide by 3ft tall cabinet + doors and shelf.

Let's do this, quick and dirty style. First you need to cut some wood. 3 pieces for the top, bottom and shelf, and 2 for the sides. Like I said earlier the dimensions were about 2ft and 3ft long with a depth of about 9 inches.

 Now start gluing and screwing things together to make...

A box! In this project I didn't worry about making a back for the cabinet. I may add one later with a thin sheet of MDF.

I jumped ahead of myself and mounted the permanent shelf before taking a picture, but it's self explanatory anyway. I screwed the shelf in about 1ft from the bottom and proceeded to cut the doors to cover the top portion.

Dry fitting the doors. They fit! After determining the fit I installed 2 standard flat hinges on each door. Not the best choice for a hinge but I had them laying around.

Take it all apart and paint it. I chose a satin brown called Funky Monkey which I also used to paint the bathroom walls when I moved in.


You can see the type of brass hinge I used here.

<-- Frame

Screw a block to the wall for the cabinet to hang from and make sure it is level. Again, aesthetics was not a biggie for me and the doors will be closed most of the time anyway.

Set the frame on top of your mounting block and screw if from the top. Drill pilot holes so you don't end up breaking off the mounting position. Put the doors back on and tada!

It's wall mounted bathroom cabinet that you can do over a weekend or less! 

Note: Later I came back and covered the visible end grain on the front of the frame with stick-on wood veneer and painted to match.