Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Geez, that arugula grows fast...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Garden Change-up and Improvements

It's a new year and I want something different to eat! I'm a little bored as well so I thought that I might as well write on my blog. With all the pepper plants I had I soon realized that I produced way too many for me to eat alone, no matter how much I loved spicy stuff. The same went for the sweet basil. That stuff really takes off and I found myself giving more away than I ate. I did get some free food out of it from people that cooked it up in something though.

OK, so here's the roundup from top-left to bottom-right: green onion, Italian spice pepper (soon to be replaced with a mix of other pepper plants), garlic, just sprouted pepper seedlings, not-yet-sprouted arugula, and chives.

I've had the chives for a little while actually but I'm thinking about swapping it out for something like thyme or even another set of garlic or pepper plants. The green onions and the garlic were actually just an experiment that went suprisingly well. I grabbed them just before leaving my parents' place after the holidays. After a couple weeks the green onions trippled in growth and the garlic clove shot up to 16 inches. It would have been taller but i read that the leaves were edible and I had to take a bite to try it (it's pretty good by the way). Below you can see the garlic at about 4 inches beside a covered sprouter thing I improvised using a foam cup and clear plasic cup.


Ok, just after I finished writing the above I went back to take a closer look at the arugula. It's crazy, I sewed them yesterday and I already have 2 visible sprouts pushing their way through the surface. SWEET!!!