Friday, February 18, 2011

WP7: Tools for the Amateur Wino

Posted on 2/18/2011 05:18:00 PM by Frank

Image Recognition. Wine. What else could a user want? Vivino is an application that has just hit the Marketplace today that puts a new spin on the old wine application. Vivino is designed so that you never forget the wine you have tried, and does this with advanced image recognition that can currently recognize up to 40% of all wines. And if the wine is not recognized, the image is sent off to the research team and added to your list regardless. What's more, you can integrate it with Facebook and "like" the different wines, which makes this a fairly unique app in its field. From the developer:
Never forget another wine!
Use the Vivino app to take photos of the wines you drink. Using image recognition technology, the app will try to auto-match the wine with our database of 400.000 wines. Share your experience with friends through social features.
The app is free to download on the Windows Phone Marketplace and you can get it here, or watch the video above for a in-depth demonstration.

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